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The Cheetah Girls Merchandise

Clothing Line

Plans for a Cheetah Girls clothing line were first confirmed in early 2004 by member Adrienne Bailon in an interview with MTV. However there was never any mention about this until August 2006. In a commercial for a So Hot Summer Cheetah Girls 2 Party the narrator was quoted as saying “Also, check out stores now for Cheetah-Licious clothing and accessories.” Also, in an appearance on Good Morning America, Raven-Symon mentioned that The Cheetah Girls clothes would be out soon. Finally in an interview with Martha Stewart, The Cheetah Girls said that the clothes were available in Sears stores nationwide. The clothing line launch was the most successful in Sears history.


The Cheetah Girls was supposed to be a TV series for ABC and their 2004-2005 season. The show was to begin production in early 2004, according to an article on the MTV news site, but according to another article on MTV News website in February 2004, it said The Cheetah Girls sitcom had been delayed, due to the success of That’s So Raven. Therefore, Raven would not be able to do the series. Although a pilot was shot in late 2003, ABC decided not to pick up the series. Rumor has it that in late 2006, Disney Channel would pick up the scrapped series due to the success of the Cheetah Girls, but Disney confirmed the rumors were false.

Book Series

For further information see: The Cheetah Girls (book series)

The Cheetah Girls started as a book series that was written by Deborah Gregory. There are two versions of the Cheetah Girls book series. The original, which was the inspiration for the first movie, and the other by Disney authors (who have written books for other shows such as Lizzie McGuire) about characters from the movies, except for Angie, who was cut from the movies.


The Disney Channel Original Movies, as well as a concert DVD, which comes with The Cheetah Girls 2 Special Edition Soundtrack, are also available. A 20 minute highlights DVD of the Girls’ The Party’s Just Begun Tour was released on July 10, 2007 along with a live audio CD of the tour.

Tour Merchandise

Tour merchandise is also available such as T-shirts, posters, glow sticks, tour books and tour pass necklaces, however they are only available when The Cheetah Girls are on tour, and must be purchased at a concert.


In mid-2006, The Cheetah Girls had a toothbrush modeled after them. The toothbrush features a picture of The Cheetah Girls and plays a clip of their single Shake A Tail Feather. It was one of the most popular toothbrushes for girls between ages 39 in 2006, only being beaten out by the spinning, singing Barbie toothbrushes.

Video Games

In September 2006, Buena Vista released the official Cheetah Girls video game for GBA. A sequel for the game is already being released called Cheetah Girls: Pop Star Sensations for Nintendo DS. A third Cheetah Girls video game, The Cheetah Girls: Passport to Stardom was released in 2008, around the time of the third Cheetah Girls movie.


The Cheetah Girls dolls

The official Cheetah Girls dolls will be released by Play Along Toys, along with the Hannah Montana and High School Musical dolls (by Mattel). Sabrina Bryan described the dolls as “very life-like”. The dolls will also carry their characters names as opposed to their real names. A Galleria doll will also be made, reflecting the fictional on-screen group of Cheetah Girls rather than the real life group of Cheetah Girls.

The dolls come in two collections. The first “Fashion” collection will be the doll, along with an extra outfit including shoes, a mannequin for the extra outfit, a brush, a microphone headset, and a small card with the catchphrase growl power and a picture of the real life Cheetah Girl.

The second “In Concert” collection dolls will feature the Cheetah Girl doll, a microphone, a backstage pass necklace or bracelet for the buyers to wear, a brush, and a mini poster of the real life Cheetah Girl. The dolls also sing actutal Cheetah Girls songs. Each doll sings a different song (Chanel-Girl Power, Galleria-Cheetah Sisters, Dorinda-Step Up, Aquanette-Strut).

All the dolls are to be released in Fall 2007. They are anticipated to be high sellers, along with the Hannah Montana dolls. A playset of the Cheetah Girls tour bus is also to be released with the dolls. new dolls will out in may with a stage and movie playset

Children’s Costumes

The Cheetah Girls have also made a deal with Jeckyl and Hyde Costumes to make Halloween costumes based on the outfits appearing in The Cheetah Girls 2 promo photoshoots. The costumes will come in regular and deluxe editions, the later coming with accessories. The deluxe editions run for $41.99 while the regular run for $31.99 Currently the only costume available is the Monkey and Banana costume, Designed by Sabrina Bryan’s Mother.

Interactive Musical Toys

JAKKS Pacific will be releasing Cheetah Girls interactive Cheetah Girls toys in 2007. The lineup of toys to be released under the Cheetah Girls brand name are a dancemat, a toy piano, a toy guitar amp, a camera, and microphone alarm clocks.

Accessory and Handbag line

A Cheetah Girls accessories line, as well as a Handbag line, was released in 2008.


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