How To Play Guitar Green River

how to play guitar green river
Green River ☮ Creedence ☮ Cover

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What are easy / good acoustic guitar songs?

I played for nearly two months and only now I know how to play two songs (the day when the green life and the simple version of river flows in you). I'm looking for good songs and play songs from harvest, but no ac / dc metal, or any other rock band. something modern but not hard. thank you (style Daughtry would be nice)

I do not understand not this modern thing you mentioned, it is indeed Songs that never get old, and I do not want cousin lol I love them, I think you meant recently recorded:) also, I looked Daughtry, who is someone's name? well anyway, here's my suggestion (s) can not go wrong with Bob Dylan, the cat, wrote many songs and many of his bits were written yesterday acoustic ring or 40 years ago, I do not know where you live or wine, but you might want to check local and who came before them (Chicago me:) talk about it, blues is easy to learn chords,

how to play guitar green river