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guitar play and share
John Butler Trio – Ocean

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This guy is always the beginning of our discussions. Do you like me?

I'll be bored, facebook, and just random chat window opens with it tries to start a conversation with me. I've never met in person, but we will in a month or two at school. It is always wondering what I do, tell me about your skills playing the guitar, the exchange of things of me that wants to play, and how he is not comfortable with singing in front of people. I asked him if he could hear me, and he agreed. We always speak at least one hour. He told me things more random on himself, and generally just trying to learn as much about me as possible, and loves to talk about him to me, especially what they like and do not like the problem he has a girlfriend. I have no idea if they are about to break or not. I know I'm leaving and I do not want set up for disappointment.

He is certainly interested! Seems very comfortable talking with you! Replace the effort, however, and More! (If you do not!) Is possible to reproduce the issue "Game" or something. This can also see if you breaking up with his girlfriend or just to run. One way to say "I need a boy advice, so I like this guy …." If it is believes that his game with him and he really means. If you do not take it seriously and try to give advice. Hope this helps! 🙂

guitar play and share