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guitar learn to play
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"I can learn to play guitar without lessons?

I only had classes for a year, and learned to read notes and chords base, and the 3 scales. But I think about quitting guitar lessons and learn the rest by myself. Would it be wise? And also, I will be able to learn tab guitar chord progressions on my own? Where can I do now?

My brother did during the summer I'm sure it's pretty easy. For course from a number of lessons would be better, but you can certainly do that. To get a idea of how to play the kind of "tab of your favorite song * Google. This will give you a list of easy to follow notes of the song you requested. You give an image of the 6 strings (probably made by dashes) and the number involved. These figures represent the number of frets (small bars on the guitar), the note has to play in the chain is far from the head and push buttons. Therefore: -1 — 2 — 2 — 2 — 1 – ——- ———- ———- – – ———- In first case, strings are used only e first two lines more. Thus, you will play the top string first fret, second fret second chain, followed by the second fret grids, followed by finishing second on 1 second radio box with rope up again. It's really very simple Once the hang of it-a great alternative to learning the notation (A, B, C, D, A sharp, etc.) Hope that helped somehow!

guitar learn to play

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