Bass Lessons Video

bass lessons video
Beginner Bass Lesson Video Number 4 – Easily Create Your Own Lines (This video is from my website)

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Who bass guitar video lesson better?

game Death Metal and I try to improve my skills crazy, but does not appear to be good video. Please include where I can get a copy.

I know Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse) made a series of lessons on Internet web site, but I can recommend something good listen if you want to hear some great death metal bassists, Sean Malone of Cynic, Atheist Roger Patterson Tony Choy from Cynic, Atheist, and plague, Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, Geddy Lee from Rush (no death metal, but very good), Steve Diggorgio death, Eric Langlois, Cryptopsy, Billy Sheehan, Mr. Big / Steve Vai and his solo career (not metal, but certainly better than the "rock" player out there, unbelievable) and Martin Mendez of Opeth I honestly do not know of any videos of death metal bass there, I looked for a video too, but just give the bands some listen more and broaden their horizons. So remember that listening to music is what matters, not watching the player, listening is what matters. but to find the videos of Michael Manring, Billy Sheehan, and any day of the video to the right for videos that are not in the kind of metal might give you some ideas that I used to be the player of a metal more if I e-mail:

bass lessons video

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