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guitar player t shirts
Gavin DeGraw – T-Shirt Fun (NL 1)

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subculture that I can belong?

I am 15 years old sophomore in high school, I want to do around the block every two days. I am a beginner breakdancer, I can make some moves. I wear the clothes have to look good for hedges any shirt that looks good. I love hoodies sweatshirt, but not to lose. I like to use the funds for dark jeans, no wider or thin, but a little thin. talk shoes and sneakers. The films I've seen is having fun and fear. I also love my math class at school. I am an intermediate guitarist, I practice 30 minutes a day for a month. The music i mostly listen to the radio, the last, I do not attention to the song, I come, I think a good song, but I also listen to 80. I myspace account. I read sometimes. The songs i like most time rap, alternative poprock, hip hop, 80, and last, but then again I do not watch the singers or groups. jjust i hear what sounds good to me

I belong to the subculture All-American, because it is a bit of everything! If you disagree with I'd say they belong to children inguinal or sub-union. It's great that you are a person and not just fall into a subculture that you should not label! I hope it helps! (:

guitar player t shirts