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play guitar master 1
Metallica-Master of Puppets Interlude & Solo (Guitar Cover)

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Problems when I play the guitar?

Yes … I am a beginner and I love a song, however, for two reasons: 1. My teacher learn acoustic guitar, but I want the guitar when he lost interest in it and especially, 2. When I move my right hand, somehow copy to my left so when I play the first chord, I can not move the second chord fast because my right cheek. And if another model of the right hand scratching my left hand strum too. It sucks so help me how to avoid it. Incidentally, I can not sing while playing guitar. Lol. Answer all my questions. Thank you. ^ _ ^

just keep practicing and come naturally. ps I can not sing and play along, too. tell my children, " just play, Daddy. not sing. "

play guitar master 1

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