Greatest Guitar Players Ever List

greatest guitar players ever list
Best italian guitar players(for me…)

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Who guitarist out there that the greatest live blues rock guitarist / future since 1985?

I'm not talking about all the blues like Clapton God, Hendrix, Robt. Johnson. Some of the boys new they learned and were inspired by these guys! Here are some tips, Gary Moore (I think is w / o doubt the most underrated guitar cowboys and more blues, especially live, in my opinion! And guys like Joe (you can try to find 2, fighting'm Joe Speaks! The list is long and good luck! John in northern California, surrounded by fire! Ahhhhhhhhhh

I'll go with less known about the loggers. Punch these guys and see on YouTube. The best known is Danny Gatton. For reading in general is my favorite. The following is Gary Lucas. His former game mode can be heard in the last two albums by Captain Beefheart. He does a lot of work for the session, including Jeff Buckley "Grace" but his solo career is his best stuff. I go to the Big Apple at least once a year to see him and his band Gods and Monsters. Milwaukee Greg Koch is a leading spokesman for Fender and a hell of a player. Another player who travel to see that Gary is better known in Europe than in America. Goofs around a lot of scenario, but offers the goods.

greatest guitar players ever list