Freeware Learn Guitar Program

freeware learn guitar program
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Pro Bassists – can you help?

I would like to know

pros and cons of using/learning with a fretless bass guitar over a fretted one

a good method for learning to play without looking at the bass or my hands

an image/description of muting strings with the side of your left hand/palm?

a good online chord chart, or freeware program for this

an image or vid showing correct left hand fingers/thumb wrist and arm position when playing?

warm up/stretching exercises i could try

an online resource or freeware for ‘play along’ (if possible)?

this is a follow up to a question I posted recently:…

All answers are appreciated

OK, in your sequence:
– They are different in philosophy and approach, and are used for different things and sounds. You use the one that you like better, or both if you like them both. You get a better, more accurate hearing if you learn the fretless correctly (and music theory, etc.) and play it as your primary, in the long run.

– Lots of practice without looking but listening intently so as to make sure you play the right lines. Rely on the feel in your hand & your ears recognizing notes to tell you where you are, not your eyes.

– You can find that on YouTube. Basically, you just lean the side of your hand against the strings almost where they touch the bridge, that’s it.

– Chord charts are for losers who don’t know music theory and therefore can’t figure that stuff for themselves. A musician worthy of the title doesn’t use that crap. Save yourself a decade of memorizing junk and learn music theory.

– No such thing, really. Different guys do different things – find the style that allows you to do your optimum. I always laugh so hard when I see one big name say “and you have to anchor your fingers against the body for stability” and another go “and you should never anchor your fingers so you can move your hand around freely…” I don’t anchor, others do. See what feels right for you.

– Again, lots of examples n YouTube, but normally people make their own warm-ups.

– I don’t know of any. I simply play along my favorite MP3s/CDs if I can’t find a band of decent musicians, which is know to be THE best source to play along with.

– Your link is dead for some reason.

Good luck!

freeware learn guitar program

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