How To Play Guitar Funk Chords

how to play guitar funk chords
Guitar Lessons – ‘Give A Little More’ by Maroon 5 Pt.2 – How To Play Funk Rock Chords Cover Song

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As a soloist, rising A13 G13 BB13?

I play the trumpet, and they are all incorporated agreements. The song is in my G (Concert F) Mixolydian. Thus, the main stop for me is GA Bb CDEF, right? And my G blues scale should be good, right? This is a funk groove. I just need some ideas, because I know how to construct guitar chords and guitar solo, I can not do on the trumpet. Thank you in advance.

G13 – G Ab A Bb BC Use # D Eb EF A13 — An application Bb BCC # D # G # EFF BB13 – rope ladders Bb BC Db use DEFF # G Ab

how to play guitar funk chords

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