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learn guitar chords fast for free
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Help with guitar please?

How do I switch from chord to chord quickly because now it takes about a minute to I go from one to another I had this guitar for about 2 years and finally started playing like a week that I can play as r Come As You (intro) by Nirvana and the start of the Ironman TNT and I also want to know if I could get a kicker for epiphone special 2 LP as Gibson and what are good free websites to learn the guitar thank you

^ __ ^ Haha I know how you feel. it takes some time before returning any simplicity. try going between two strings until you get the hang it. It is not easy to learn guitar .. only practice:] keep it up! It's also a very well: I'm not sure http://guitar.about.com/library/weekly/aa071200a.htm your other question though. I hope that helped:]

learn guitar chords fast for free