How To Learn Guitar Solos Free

how to learn guitar solos free
Free Bird Guitar Solo Lynyrd Skynyrd Live – Martyn Stone

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Guitar lessons?

I was wondering if you can learn to play the guitar solo? Or have classes? And there are also online lessons Free?

Have you noticed that the man wanted to know how to play alone?. (Some of you) In The Big Bopper said, it is recommended you get few private lessons. The teacher will correct your mistakes and make it much easier for you … even some professional guitarists do not seem to be lesson well and now they continue to make mistakes, as always (I will not list here). To play a solo, you need to know some "special" techniques, which are essential for the electric guitar: a double bed (portamento) is beding channel (pull or push his face) to produce a higher pitch … especially half step, whole step or 1 1 / 2 more ….. Make sure you do it in the air! This boy does well in the air …. I do not agree with one thing she said …. bending and sliding said gives the same effect … not true only in part … reach the same tone, but can not bend all frequencies, while two non-slip, slide (glissando) is a technique that produces a similar effect bending, but you can still here tono''pasan by the plates.''We have the following types: A, in a tone to another – Take your … then drag up or down for a different tone … B not start here, out of nowhere to live up – or to start or do not worry during the first (or someone) and drag the tone (do not take your slides !!… not target only) – you can do the opposite … the top''in any parte''a a lower pitch (eg, from the fifteenth and cargo box down and 10) C, a shadow anywhere – start on the ground and drag up or down to nada''''3, vibrato is a little faster still curve – to hear some AC / DC and try to copy vibrato Angus Young …. participant better when it comes to vibrato 4, legato….hammer-on/pull-off – produce a sound without picking up … single hammer or exit difficult … probably unable to play, but you get what techniques it is you need to know basis. But making lessons, will be much more useful to teach you …. and also learn basic music theory and reading music. If you have questions email me at

how to learn guitar solos free