Guitar Solo Tab

guitar solo tab
Flamenco – Rumba – guitar solo with tab

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The guy in the car brilliant guitar solo sports white cloud?

I'm looking for guys in motorsport Birght guitar tabs white. I looked on websites and tablature for guitar solo or symbols not alone curves and pull-offs that I do not know. So please someone can explain all the symbols on the link guitar solo or send me another link and explain the symbols. Here is the link I need help with symbols of ……. thank you

The () around the note, a harmonious, more like a pinch harmonic (AKA Squealer harmonics or artificial). The "V" means vibrato, where the rope moves up and down while holding the fret number. The "/" means slide up, "means slide down." P "means pull-off (eg 8p6h8 hold the eighth fret and the sixth fret. Remove your finger in the eighth, throwing the sixth fret, then hammer your finger just back in the eighth slot.) "H" means hammer fr .. Uh, that (9.5) which means that the string bending a half or a check. When the curve, it should look like the 10 box if you just played.

guitar solo tab