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epiphone guitar
Epiphone Les Paul versus Gibson Les Paul guitar review

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How can u check if a Gibson Epiphone guitar in it and accessories real?

I have an Epiphone Les Paul with Gibson pickups in supposovly he and the real knobs and pickguard !…….. How do I know if SPOSE Gibson or not?

Good question. I guess the only way to verify if controls or Gibson would not take it to an expert. Regarding the kicker, if it is a Les Paul Special II (with a volume and tone with the switch in the center) is probably a kicker Gibson. Gibson pickguards have 3 or 5 layers. What this means is that if "layers" may be Gibson. If not, Epiphone. Micros is a question ORT together. If you had an ear extremely practical, I guess not because I asked you a question on this subject, You can select a pick-up Gibson Epi. A gift would be dead if I say "sticky fingers" on the pills. it would be a Gibson. If collection covers buffers, in the case of a Special II, if someone worked hard to steal, or could be real Gibsons. All said and done, look what the LP is yours, and find what you're supposed to look like, and then whether Theirs is a fake or not.

epiphone guitar