Famous Black Female Guitar Players

famous black female guitar players
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The Andy Griffith Show (DVD) Review

One of the most popular shows of television history, The Andy Griffith Show takes viewers to a simpler time of small town America, apple pie, and black and white television … The trademark whistle theme is one of the most recognizable in history, and duration of exposure on syndicated repeats is unmatched by its peers. The Andy Griffith Show follows the exploits of the small town of Mayberry and family values, no nonsense sheriff Andy. A widower and father of a little boy named Opie, Andy is joined in Mayberry by his countrymen as Barney Fife, his relative and housekeeper Aunt Bee, and a host of other eccentric characters.

But thief shows Barney Fife (Don Knotts) who plays the role of a sometimes incompetent, Vice-crazy always on his head. The dynamic between the screen Griffith and Knotts is truly magical. The two men went to the races announced in showbiz Knotts starring in numerous roles, such as Mr. Furley on Three's Company, and Griffith as the title star of Matlock. And Ron Howard (Opie) would be established as one of the most famous directors of Hollywood …

This first season DVD of The Andy Griffith Show is packed with some of the best episodes of the series history. Episodes three and thirty and features the guitar playing talents of actor James Best, better known as Sheriff Rosco P. The Dukes Of Hazzard Coltrane. Many other famous faces over a season. In fact, if you look closely, you might even see the Maytag repairman …

The Andy Griffith Show DVD features a number of hilarious episodes including the first series "The new housekeeper" in which former housekeeper for Andy, Rose, married, prompting the search for a substitute. But Opie, unhappy with the departure of Rose, not too good for the new woman in the house, Aunt Bee from Andy … Other Notable episodes include "The Guitar Player" in which Andy used his power as sheriff to help a young local guitarist (James Best) realize his dream of playing in a band to live, and "Alcohol and Old Lace," in which, in a quest to close the local distilleries, Andy and Barney are surprised to discover a path that leads to two sisters …

Here is a list of episodes included in The Andy Griffith Show (Season 1) DVD:

Episode 1 (The new governess): Air Date: 10/03/1960
Episode 2 (The Hunting Man) Air Date: 10/10/1960
Episode 3 (guitarist): Date: 17/10/1960
Episode 4 (Runaway Kid) Date: 07/11/1960
Episode 5 (Charity Opie) Air Date: 28/11/1960
Episode 6 (Ellie Comes To Town) Date: 10/24/1960
Date Episode 7 (Irresistible Andy): 31/10/1960
Episode 8 (a fight is a fight): Date: 05/12/1960
Episode 9 (Andy The Matchmaker Air date): 14/11/1960
Episode 10 ("Stranger in Town) Date: 26/12/1960
Episode 11 (Christmas Story): Date Issued To: 12-1960
Episode 12 (Ellie the Council): Date: 12/12/1960
Episode 13 (Mayberry goes Hollywood) Date: 01/02/1961
Episode 14 (The Merchant of HP): Air Date: 01/09/1961
Episode 15 (Gossipin men) Date: 01/16/1961
Episode 16 (Andy Saves Barney moral) Date: 20/02/1961
Episode 17 (Alcohol and Old Lace): Date: 30/01/1961
Episode 18 (Andy the Marriage Counselor): Date: 02/10/1961
Episode 19 (Mayberry The Register): Date Publication: 13/02/1961
Episode 20 (Beauty Contest): Date: 23/01/1961
Episode 21 (Andy And The Thief Knight) Date: 27/02/1961
Episode 22 (Cyrano Andy) Date: 03/06/1961
Episode 23 (Andy and Opie, housekeepers) Date: 13/03/1961
Episode 24 (the new doctor): Air Date: 27/03/1961
Episode 25 (Plate For Mayberry) Date: 03/04/1961
Episode 26 (The Inspector): Date: 04/10/1961
Episode 27 (Ellie Saves a Female): Date: 17/04/1961
Episode 28 (excludes Andy) Date: 04/24/1961
Episode 29 (Silent Sam) Date: 01/05/1961
Episode 30 (Barney Gets His Man) Date: 05/08/1961
Episode 31 (The return of guitar player): Question Date: 15/05/1961
Episode 32 (Bringing Up Opie) Date: 05/22/1961

famous black female guitar players