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Why does my guitar sound so wrong? please help!?

please bear with me, I am a beginner …. guitar is a cheap used acoustic Rogue RA-100D I paid $ 50 a yard sale. Seemed to be in good condition and I am aware that this is But a cheap guitar I recently bought a head of Planet Waves Chromatic Tuner Internet in hopes that he could give the guitar and taught me to play. The problem is that whenever I have the guitar tuned perfectly for this tuner sounds like shit. A friend of mine once listen to the guitar by ear and I felt great. Since then, I tried to reproduce what he did without success. My question is – cheap guitars are generally more difficult to adjust and this could be my main problem or, more likely they are to just try another tuner to solve this problem? thoughts and suggestions are welcome …. thanks

generally expensive guitars not have a good melody, and sometimes are not well toned (which means that the fifth fret of the E string, while the perfect sound of a note, you might be out of sync). It could be the tuner as well. Try to agree with the tuner, then holding the string sound lower (near head) on the fifth fret and play both itself and the following string at a time (and only two strings). If you have a whistle goes (as it is not vibrating in the same tune the other way), then the A to E rope tightening or loosening the noise to stop vibrating. Then do the same for the chain D (in In the chain using the fifth fret). Then again with the chain of G. Arriving at the B chain, maintaining the chain of G at the fourth box when you do this. And again the fifth fret of the largest chain of Sound E. Good luck!

guitar play for the planet