Play Guitar Cleanly

play guitar cleanly
Rock Guitar – Clean Technique part one muting

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Enter the 18 frets problems?

I have an Epiphone LP standard, my electricity, the third so far. Some notes are not fair play in and around the 18 second box. What should I pay?

I feared that other guy knows nothing about guitars. What that hell is the resonance ?!!!! If you have problems reading in his upper neck. (And that is very high) which is the highest level Bb … Do you hear any noise of the chain play until high without an amplifier? Otherwise, the strings are too low. Most likely you will need to adjust the height Bridge. I think the guitar has a Tune-O-Matic bridge. What you should do is done gradually until the channels and not in contact with the frets and the ring clearly. If the strings are too high after this happens again and check the curve of the neck and make sure the neck is good and right. If you are not there to make an adjustment to the soul .. It could also be from the frets as the levels are very low, perhaps fingers are too big for the size of the box and fingers are mute some notes. Sometimes I have a few pots until I raised.

play guitar cleanly