I Can Play Guitar Ratings

i can play guitar ratings
Guitar Review – Yamaha CG171SF Flamenco & Cordoba 55FCE Thin Body Flamenco Acoustic-Electric

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Dean ML electric guitar sound?

I'm looking to get a acoustc electric, but I recently came across this. No Results opinions or comments on it so I was wondering if anyone has seen him play and how the sound is. In addition, if you can, anyone can recommend a guitar this guy is a decent price. http://www.zzounds.com/item–DNEMLCOUSTIC

all I have to say is that the answer was the first who gave the link to esteban guitars … DO NOT BUY .. esteban guitars are horrible. Do not waste your money on them. it is better to buy the guitar who orginailly the link in your question for you! or I can not even believe someone would recommend a esteban guitar here is a link to a site that has many Guitar and / .. You can check that they do not have good marks (the Director)%% http://www.guitaraudio.com/Store/Search.aspx?sck=8707008&Page=1&Sort=5&key=acoustic 20guitar 20electric

i can play guitar ratings