Bluegrass Guitar Playing Styles

bluegrass guitar playing styles
Bluegrass Guitar Lesson: C Pos Clip 5 Developing Pathways

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All mandolin players?

Hey .. Jw if someone plays the mandolin here .. I've been playing since August and showed me a little … I also play guitar .. I can play in a bluegrass gospel group and hope to make a tape of a sudden … If you do not know what a mandolin is now looking a gibson or a Kentucky mandolin style F HTE see the most beautiful …. Once again I just want to know if someone is playing here! Thank you!

I'm not so good on the mandolin with me on guitar, mandolin, but I play. I got my first mandolin and only about a year ago. It is a cheap Fender A-style and intonation is a bit off the G string, but for a mandolin in the first place, not too bad. I like to have one that is suitable for recording one day … even after receiving a computer to make recordings. Also, I prefer the look of the F-style mandolins. For me, only look better.

bluegrass guitar playing styles