Best Guitar Players Rolling Stones

best guitar players rolling stones
Eric Clapton-Old Love Solo-Nashville 2/27/2010

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Any rockers want to be in a band about Edmonton?

I played guitar for seven years and we look forward to a rock band! I love Alice Cooper (BEST) and classic rock like Led Zeppelin, Stones, Beatles, Pink Floyd Rolling … No new music but I do not like! So if there is a singer, base, drum, players who have a passion for classic rock and want to start a band if you Please mention here !!!:)

You're in Edmonton, heard the Twin Fangs? They are one of my favorite bands. I am in Calgary (Hell of a drive band practice), but the writing, singing and playing guitar and I love all the influences he said. Good luck find band mates! (No sarcasm) It was a little difficult for me to Calgary for people who want to play original music and covers not, but still looking (halfway)

best guitar players rolling stones

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