How To Play Guitar Really Good

how to play guitar really good
Homemade Guitar Flying V w/ Diamond Plate!!! METAL!!!

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How can I become really good at guitar?

Please do not tell you practice a lot, because I know lol. I played guitar since I was in seventh grade, and I'm in college now. I like listening to death metal, rock, alternative, punk, progressive rock, and ska, but lately I feel trapped in a musical comedy routine. I am a self taught guitarist and I really need the address and even if it can be very difficult for me to love to be able to choose to scan, learn some complicated scales and how to use and also learn more about how to play better. Right now I know that all major chords a guitarist is often used, ladders blues and I'm very good to play with power chords, drop d, drop c, so the pinch harmonics (mostly) and other things, but I feel like I'm having trouble moving lately. If anyone has resources to watch or something, I perfer not to take classes because I 'm pretty torn. Thank you!

All self-taught musician, sooner or later, facing an impasse and I do not care who he is. Musicians me learned enough to know that in time, you need to know a little theory on how and when and how to use them properly. As I tell my son, whatever good you're a leader. If you do not have the ingredients, then you're limited to your kitchen. The same thing with any What instrument. Learn how and where to apply its own. Short and sweet. Check these sites to better understand what I mean:)) Good Luck. E-mail me mail if you need good finger exercises:)

how to play guitar really good