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best guitar learning systems

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What are good songs?

i play guitar and I love learning new songs i need to come with some incredible new songs to learn, so here are some things about me as an acoustic guitar alternative I know I Green Day song, Mayday Parade, children, girls, children, Plain White T's, Lifehouse, System of a Down, Weezer, MCR, and monkey red machine please shoot me some suggestions for new music I love sound, it would be preferable, but I can make regular acoustic alternative songs so any suggestion is helpful, I thank you – 10 points better suggestion (s)

I love acoustic and others as well. So here's my first choice in my iPod: Hey Baby Here song I wanted – Bless The Fall Vegas Skies – The Cab thing – Escape The Fate My Hero – Paramore forever and ever – a rocket to the moon My heroine (acoustic) – Up Silverstein The day I die – Story of the Year test all songs: Never Shout Never Secondhand Serenade

best guitar learning systems