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learn guitar capo
How to Use a Guitar Capo

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guitar question / capo?!?

Well, I'm a singer and I am now learning the guitar a bit myself with some friends teahging play, but I wanted to see if he needed a capo to sing? what is the order of bosses? thank you!

Capos have many uses legitimate, but are not absolutely necessary * to sing. A capo just asking the height of all channels in the same way. Say you have learned agreements a song in the key of G. .. but you are who is a little below his vocal range. Putting a Capo at the second fret, you can finger the same agreements, but the land would be higher … in this case, the key A. If you put the capo on the 3rd fret, and the rules of the G line, would play in a # / Bb. In the example above, the capo can be considered a cheat. More experienced players simply adjust the strings and play without capo. There some cases where the implementation of the agreements does not translate well. You can have strings or voices agreements do not sound exactly the same thing if you sweep or play in a different key. For example, George Harrison used a capo is the sun. All convictions are based around a D chord to play in your key, he used a capo (if I remember correctly) the 7th fret. By all means get yourself a capo if you want. Kyser is very good. Just try to understand why you are using, and if really necessary. You will become a more versatile guitar if you learn to incorporate and use a pattern when it absolutely necessary.

learn guitar capo