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learn guitar or bass
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How hard is it to learn bass guitar if I already know regular?

I can play regular guitar pretty well, but they only have bass guitars in band. I would like to know if that would give me an advantage to being able to learn easier or if that would make it more complicated. I understand different people learn different ways, but how was it for you and what’s your opinion?
One of my friends plays 4 string electric bass, and he said he might teach me. Should I look anything up or do anythig to prepare for learning bass?

I only know how to play 3 songs on Bass (Holiday bass solo by Green Day, Beat It by Michal Jackson, and the Dance, Dance bass solo by Fall Out Boy) but it is so much easier. For real, I could play the hardest Bass part with my eyes gouged out and one arm tied behind my back. I’ve considered getting a bass just because they would be fun to mess with. It will take about a week to learn as much on bass as it would take 2 months on a guitar.

It is really easy, easier than anything else you could do in band (short of Drum Major 😉

learn guitar or bass

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