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all guitar tabs
KillrBuckeye – The Rising (original metal song, instrumental)

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What all guitar tabs song mean?

as H, P, L, S, T? E, W? What do they mean?

h – hammer-on p – pull off b – double pb – pre-bend r – bend release (release immediately if no number after r) / – slide into or out of (from / to "zero Unit ") s – legato slide S – shift slide – Natural harmonic [n] – artificial harmonic n (n) – tapped harmonic ~ – vibrato Tr – trill T – tap TP – trem. Picking PM – palm muting n / – Bathroom whammy bar, n = amount to dip n – tremolo bar down / tremolo bar up / n – - tremolo bar dip n inverted = – Double take, it also acts as connecting device for hammers / pulls <> – volume waves (high / low) x – a rate of rod or bar represents muted – in the bar rhythm is a short note … some use their own symbols, but

all guitar tabs