Learn To Play Guitar Music Sheets

learn to play guitar music sheets
How to Play HEY JOE by JIMI HENDRIX ( Guitar Tutorial ) WITH TABS!

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What is the best way to learn guitar?

Hello everyone. I play the trumpet for years, and since then I have not play the guitar. Since it uses to play an instrument in a sense I am still reading the scores. I have a guitar, but I really do not know what to do. What is the best way to learn? Here and scores and how? Should I buy a book? or watch videos online?

First, get some lessons and learn the basics they can learn from books if you want, but it's better if someone can explain why you can back to what you might be missing. Then, once you can read music download or buy the sheet music and learn to play the song on youtube (it Some guitarists will show you how to play all the songs) and follow the sheet music on learning the track so that you know what the guitarist is talking about. You can have a page with the video on YouTube and one of the partition you want to learn. And I'll teach you to play the song, but you must learn the chords and the first notes and I say they should learn basic concepts like how to read music first. There are also magazines that can teach you to playing videos in order to verify this.

learn to play guitar music sheets