Computer Guitar Lessons

computer guitar lessons
Guitar Lessons – Triad Demonstration – the walking chord computer

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My life is normal for a 13 year old?

I do not do much, "Go to school, go home, do homework and watching television or playing on the computer and play with my 3 dogs to dinner. I have class on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from art theater, I have guitar lessons. I do not like sports. I do not play at all. Is this normal life? Have you (girls my age) have the same type of program?

Yes, certainly. * Edit: I mean your life is normal, is not that rare lol * Your time is almost a copy of mine. Here's my calendar (in fact I do not play a sport, whatever): Monday: School of Piano Practice Homework Watching TV / playing computer games Tuesday: clean bathrooms in my father's office after school and then more or less the same as Monday, Wednesday: Practically anything beyond basic practice piano TV / homework, etc. Thursday (My work): Piano Lessons Flute Lessons School Club Press Conference Friday: Leave home or out with friends to a movie or someone's home.

computer guitar lessons