Why Play Guitar Left Handed

why play guitar left handed
How to Play Left Handed Guitar : How to Barre a Bb (B Flat) Chord on a Left Handed Guitar

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Why mostly played guitar with his left hand?

Most of the time right, did exactly the same (up / down play) all the time. His left hand is doing all the work. Most people are right handed. So why play the guitar, especially with the left hand?

In fact, both hands must work also, so that the guitar works well for some people, both lefties. I am left handed but I play the guitar for right-handers anyway. The trick is that you need to work with both hands on the same skill. Well, since I am left handed I have no problem with the left hand, but sometimes difficult to identify the strings with his right hand. That's why you said do not look at his right hand movements because most people are more skilled and can operate automatically with your right hand, but you must take care of his left hand. Well … I do not even difficult.

why play guitar left handed