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learn guitar time
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It's a good idea to learn guitar and bass at the same time?

Ive played drums for a couple of years and decided to have a guitar I was playing it for a few weeks. I want to know how to play guitar and bass, however, I learn simultaneously or w8 until im better at guitar then test the bass?

In fact, it would be better if you learned the bass guitar before, and Guitarists tend to treat the bass as if it were a guitar with four strings and exaggeration to mention that the bass is part of the rhythm section. Most guitarists do terrible because they are accustomed to playing the melody. But those who switched to guitar Low tend to be more aware of the serious role in the eradication of a band. Since you have already started playing the guitar, however, would be a good idea to focus on this before the grave in their repertoire. If you focus on one instrument at a time, I love you more easily because their aim is not divided between two things that are structurally similar, but are played very differently. Most people share their time between the instruments before developing an area of one of them after taking the cats of all trades but masters of nothing. I prefer to become a great guitarist and an excellent bassist, being poor in both instruments. By the way, have you an idea of work when you can play the three instruments?! Where were you when I was looking for other band members?

learn guitar time

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