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learn to play guitar in 7 days
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guitar scales? What are they?

Ok, so I'm learning guitar and read / write musical notes. I know about 7 or 8 strings, and that's it. I'm not even chord progression right time yet. It takes me a long time to learn, but I realized that they need time and patience, I'm being patient with this. I only have an acoustic guitar. Yesterday I read something on the scales. What exactly? I do not have to learn to play guitar? I play guitar in a band one day, so I just want to know me is a need to learn or not ………. Do not let rude response like "do not even know what scale you want to be in a group" or "idiot" or something like that. I will report. I hate to say that, but I know that people can be constructed Thank you! X3

A scale is a series of notes played in a logical ascending or descending in a certain key. I guess you do not have to learn scales, but for anyone any serious musician, it's really something that should become very familiar. Understanding the basics of the balance will be useful later when you try comprise another type of advanced music theory as arpeggios, scales and are deducted from the steadily. So basically, it is possible for a person to play without knowing the official scales, but should have an incredible ear and really seriously would make life difficult for you this way. Get fun and learn your balance. I guarantee you will not regret in the future.

learn to play guitar in 7 days