We Don’t Play Guitar Lyrics

we don’t play guitar lyrics
The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again (HQ)

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What are the labels that combine letters and notes of a song being played is called?

So I thought a good some songs to play at my church, but it is necessary that the labels that have the words of the song with the notes written on top. Example: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/print.php?what=tab&id=30982 However, I do not know what the most common name for them is, as I clicked on other received only chords and guitar notes. Is there a special name or common what I'm looking for, or is it all or nothing with "compatible"?

I do not know a special name, but what I would do is find the "strings" or "tags", but also included in the search a key point of the song (no title). For example, I just did a Google search of "heaven on their minds" agreements "all his disciples are blind "and easily come to the right as the first option presented.

we don’t play guitar lyrics