The Best Guitar Players In Metal

the best guitar players in metal
The 10 best Metal Guitar Player

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what is a good way to explain these differences to my father in a way that will understand and remember?

well, my father I can not tell the difference between electric and acoustic guitar, looking (and I mean like a heavy metal guitar acoustic electric no /) And I explained to thousands of times, but forget after a trip to the bathroom and ….. he did not know the difference between a guitar and a bass is. when I started playing guitar, my father went and bought me a bass to the logic of "it would be best to start with 4 strings and work your way up to 6 "and again i repeatedly explain the main differences and leaves nothing (I sad because it was a very nice bottom). is kind of shame to go to a music store with him, or a concert and he was telling me how that's when your bass guitar. if someone can tell me some simple ways to explain these differences with him oh so obvious a simple and memorable? Thank you

yes, he taught to play, and when he puts his hand and does what he will do, he will know the differences, if you can let you "play" both

the best guitar players in metal