Rock Guitar Learning Videos

rock guitar learning videos
Learning Rock Guitar Episode #3

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A question for players with experience?

I play for about 2 years and I started to learn by themselves and more difficult, but I really want to learn how to scan the selection, there are many videos on YouTube, but it does not really helpful and my guitar teacher guitarist is more a country or rock, I guess it's like learning pinch harmonics abit – a thousand times easier if someone show 1 to 1, he someone suggest videos or advice? thatd be awesome:)

I play since I was 9 years old and I now 36. I heard about the sweep picking a few years ago and have had friends try to teach me. These guys are incredible guitarists, but I yet far from making the right choices. Some people understand and can do, and some people can not. It's incredible to do, but probably one of the hardest things I've tried to make the guitar, lol. Fortunately good, and perhaps pass the teachers, hehe.

rock guitar learning videos