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Team Fortress 2


Team Fortress 2 in the game: a group of players attacking a base BLU RED on the map "Well"

Al Like its predecessors, Team Fortress 2 focuses on two rival teams competing for a goal. These teams, Reliable Excavation and Demolition (RED) Builders League United (SSB), are supposed to represent two investment companies to enter the secret control of all governments worldwide. Players can choose play as one of nine classes in these teams, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Although the skills of a certain number of classes have changed from previous versions strength of the team, the basic elements of each class have remained. The game is released with six official maps, although 13 additional cards and eight maps have been included in the field subsequent updates. In addition, a series of maps were assembled community released. When players join a level for the first time, an introductory video shows how to achieve their goals. During games, a woman's voice forever dissatisfied Ellen McLain announces several events of the game through loudspeakers. Limit is 16 players on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. On the PC, server, vanilla may have 24 players, but in 2008, Valve Team Fortress 2 update to include a server variable that allows up 32 players. changes have allowed third parties to host up to 34 players on a server.

Team Fortress 2 is the first multiplayer games to Valve provide detailed statistics for individual players. This includes time spent playing each of these classes, most points scored and most catches or objectives to be achieved in one round. Persistent statistics tell the reader how they are improving these statistics, for example, if a player reaches its peak of damage in one turn. Team Fortress 2 also features numerous "achievements" for carrying out certain tasks, such as the composition a number of death or complete a lap within a given time. New sets of class specific achievements have been added in updates that add new abilities and weapons for each class once unlocked by the player. This system has since release extended to a random shuffle, where the player can earn points per game. Achievements unlocked and game statistics previously played are displayed in the player's Steam Community profile page or Xbox Live.

Game Modes

The object is defined by the game mode being use.

In the capture the flag maps, the goal for both teams is to obtain a portfolio of hostile intelligence base team and return to their own base while preventing the opposing team do the same thing.

points of control modes are more varied in their objectives, but share the same goal of capturing a particular point on the map. In some levels, the goal for both teams is all points of the map. At other levels (attack / defense), a team already holds all the points and must defend them from the other by a fixed amount of time. A variant complex (the control of the territory), introduced with the map "Hydro", is based on the territory: each team must capture the other team waypoint to ensure that the section of the map. Once all sections have been captured by a computer, you are then able base to attack the other team directly. In an update August 13, 2009, the valve includes a variation of the fourth king checkpoint the hill. In this mode, both red and blue to capture and defend the focal point for a given period of time before the opposing team. When point team takes control, the countdown timer starts. If the other team takes time, "said the former team is down stops, and begins the team this year.

In payload maps, one team has to work to escort a car carrying a bomb along a trail through a series of checkpoints, eventually detonating the bomb at the base of the other team. The other team must defend their positions and stop the car reaches the end within a specified time. In the modified race payload, both trying to escort red and blue along a symmetrical load (parallel or opposite) to the track. loading mode was introduced in April 2008 with the map of the "rush to gold "race payload was launched in May 2009 with the card ipeline.

Arena is a team deathmatch mode. Arena Maps environments focus on small, non-recurrence after the death of the character of a player. A field team wins by eliminating all members of the other party in the sand or capturing control points on the map center. Arena was introduced in August 2008 update.


There are nine classes to only player in Team Fortress 2, classified as offensive and defensive functions of support. Each class has at least three weapons: a single primary weapon, secondary weapon, like a gun or hunting gun and a melee weapon, except in accordance with the character, like a bottle of alcohol for the Demoman, a kukri for the sniper, and a flaming torch for the Pyro.

The three offensive classes are Scout, Soldier, Pyro and. The Scout (voice of Nathan Vetterlein) is portrayed as an amateur Baseball talks fast, in Boston, Massachusetts, and is a fast, agile armed with a sparseness and able to perform double jumps, However, the Scout can not handle a lot of damage. El Soldado (voiced by Rick May) is more durable, but much more slowly. A U.S. military stereotype, The soldier is armed with a rocket launcher that can be used to jump to the rocket high employment. The class is the latest offensive Pyro (voice Dennis Bateman). Dressed in a suit of fire and voice buffer gas mask, the Pyro has a flamethrower other players can fire and be able produce a burst of compressed air to air strikes and missiles nearby enemies away.

Classes Demoman, Heavy, and Engineer defense. The Demoman (voice of Gary Schwartz) is a black eyed Scot who drink too much. Armed with a grenade launcher and sticky bomb, the Demoman can use your computer to provide indirect fire on enemy positions. The heavy (also the voice of Schwartz) is a character stereotype Russia, with a huge number and strong accent, obsessed with weapons at the point of naming them. The surplus can withstand more damage than any other industry, attracting a very Many of firepower, but is hampered by both its size and its machine gun. The engineer (the voice of Grant Goodeve) is the last type of defense presented as a relaxed and "good old boy" Intellectual Texas. The engineer is able to construct a series of structures to support their team: a sentry gun to defend key points, health and ammo from a dispenser and a TV.

From left to right: Pyro Engineer, Spy, Heavy, Sniper, Scout, Soldier, Demoman, Medic

The last category of support, formed by the doctor, Sniper and Spy. Doctor (voice Robin Atkin Downes) Stuttgart is a German doctor, with little regard for the Hippocratic Oath, in charge of keeping alive their peers. The Doctor is So armed with a "medigun" to heal teammates, and his teammates can temporarily invulnerable or to increase their firepower after medigun was used for a short period. The Sniper (voice of John Patrick Lowrie) is an Australian gay character rationalizes his line of work, with a sniper rifle with laser sight to attack enemies from afar and a machine gun in combat. The type of support is the latest spy impassive (with the voice of Dennis Bateman) and a revolver, which is equipped with tools of secrecy, as a temporary cloaking device, an electronic sapper structures sabotage engineers, and a device hidden in his cigarette box allows you to hide from other players. The spy can also use the knife Butterfly enemies stab in the back, which kills them instantly.

Valve has said the emphasis on balancing the game to consider improvements following character classes. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses leading to dependence on other classes to be effective. This game mode requires more strategic thinking and increasing the use of teamwork would be if there was a class above the rewards. Each class in the three categories shared the strengths and weaknesses, while each class has its own advantages.



Team Fortress Originally created as a free Quake mod. Development on Team Fortress 2 GoldSrc engine in 1998 after the team Development Team Fortress Softwareonsisting Robin Walker and John Cookers first contract and, finally, pure and simple employee of Valve Corporation. At the time of production acquisition Team Fortress software offers a higher level and the game has been promoted to an application, product retail, fans of the tide, began working on a simple port of the game that was released in 1999 as the free Team Fortress Classic. In particular, Team Fortress Classic was built entirely within the publicly available Half-Life SDK as an example for the community and industry of its flexibility.

Walker and Cook had been heavily influenced by his contract phase of three months on the valve, and now work full time in their design, which was rapid metamorphosis. Team Fortress 2 is a game of modern warfare, with a hierarchy of command, including a commander with a panoramic view of the battlefield, parachute drops in enemy territory, network voice communication and numerous other innovations.

Development of the first

visual style of the game have changed dramatically throughout its development.

The new design was unveiled to the public at E3 1999, where he won several awards including Best Game and Best Action Game. At this time Team Fortress 2 has won a new subtitle, Brotherhood of Arms, and the results Walker and Cook working at Valve were becoming clear. Several new technologies and the unprecedented time in the program: Parametric animation perfectly animations blended for softness, more realistic movements, and Intel multi-resolution mesh reduces the dynamic details on the elements on the screen as they became more distant to improve performance (a technique made obsolete by the declining cost of memory, today games use a technique known as the level of detail, which uses more memory but less processing power). No release date was in the exhibition.

In mid2000, Valve announced that development of Team Fortress 2 has been delayed a second time. They attributed the delay to the development to move to a house, the property engine known today as the Source engine. That's when all dried and the news that Team Fortress 2 took six years of quiet development, although in 2003 it was suggested that Team Fortress 2 may have been created in the period between Half-Life and Half-Life 2. Meanwhile, both Walker and Cook worked on various other valve led projectsalker Draft Half-Life 2: Episode One and Cook became a Steam developeraising doubt that Team Fortress 2 is really the active project is described on several occasions.

The final design

The audience next important development occurred in anticipation of Half-Life 2 in 2004 release: Valve marketing director Doug Lombardi stated that the Team Fortress 2 was in development and that information would come after Half-Life 2 release. This did not happen, there was no news released after Lombardi's similar claim during an interview on top of Half-Life 2: Episode One Episode Two before starting again Gabe Newell to ask to get the new Team Fortress 2 and Team Fortress 2 was re-presented one month later, in July 2006 was EA Showcase.

Both teams sport your art style to help players navigate through levels.

Walker revealed in March 2007, Valve had quietly built "probably three to four different games, "before settling on its final design. Due to cycle the departure of long-term development is often cited alongside Duke Nukem Forever, another highly anticipated game that had seen several years of long-term development and engine changes. The beta Game published six multiplayer maps, three of which contain optional commentary by the developers in the game design, level design and character design, and to provide more information about the history behind the development.

Team Fortress 2 does not attempt to approach realistic graphics used in other games like Valve's Source engine Half-Life 2, Day of Defeat: Source and Counter-Strike: Source. To Instead, use a more stylized, cartoon "Heavily influenced by early 20 century commercial illustrations." This is achieved by a special valve in the house rendering and lighting technique relying largely Phong. The commentary in the game's development suggests that certain why the cartoon style was difficulty explaining the maps and characters in realistic terms. Eliminating the focus on the actual configuration allows these explanations should be avoided. The game begins with a new Source engine dynamic lighting, shadows and soft particle technologies, among many other without notice, with Half-Life 2: Episode Two. Team Fortress 2 was also the first game to implement facial animation engine Source three new features.

The artistic style of the game was inspired by JC Leyendecker and Norman Rockwell and Dean Cornwell. Their distinctive styles silhouettes and strong shadows to draw attention to specific details were adapted to different models, with an emphasis on making characters in the team, class and current weapon easily identifiable. Silhouettes and animation are used to make the same kind of obviousness in the range, and a combination of colors is striking on his chest he focuses on the weapon selected.

The design of the card has a theme temperament Spy Box with archetypal forces, hidden inside buildings such as discrete factories and farms in their vicinity likelihood. The bases for hiding weapons and laser guns super exaggerated nuclear warheads and facilities MISSILE, assuming the role of targets. Among the bases there is a space Neutral. The cards have little visual clutter models and stylized, almost impressionistic, allowing enemies to be seen more easily. The design approach Impressionists also affects the texture, based on photos that are filtered and improved by hand gives a tactile quality and giving Team Fortress 2, its distinctive appearance. The bases were designed for players to know immediately where they are. RED bases using warm colors, natural materials and angular shapes, BLU bases while using cold colors, industrial materials and forms orthogonal.

Release and ongoing development

In July 2006 Electronic Arts press conference, Valve revealed that Team Fortress 2 would be released for sale as a multiplayer component The Orange Box. Trailer the conference showing the nine classes shown for the first time the game fanciful visual style again. Gabe Newell Valve CEO said that the objective society was to create "the best game of research and best classes based multiplayer" game A beta version of the game via Steam was on September 17 May 2007, customers who bought before the Orange Box, which had turned the Black Box coupon that was included with the Radeon HD 2900XT Graphics and Member of Valve Cyber Café Program. The beta version lasted until the final.

The game was released on October 10, 2007, both as a standalone product via Steam and in retail stores in the Orange Box compilation package, priced at recommended retail price of every gaming platform. The Orange Box also includes Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two and Portal. Valve The Orange Box delivers a reduction of ten percent for those who pre-purchase on Steam before October 10 release, as well as the opportunity to participate in beta testing.

The release of Team Fortress 2, Valve has continuously released updates Free updates and patches via Steam. In addition, the game is also expanded by fans with the tools used by Valve to create the game Valve has included some the most popular community-created levels in the official updates. A number of changes is present obtaining weapon classes alternate with disabled, while putting in some disadvantages for each weapon to unlock for the balance. The Pyro Medic, Heavy, Scout, Sniper, Spy, "without classes, "" Halloween ", Demoman and Soldier updates are complete. Finally, all classes will be updated. To accelerate the achievement these unlockable weapons and cosmetics, hats, a minority of players began using third-party programs that the client expects the player with an external server, while in the game In response, the valve removed all products purchased through these programs, and those who do not using these programs with a free hat. From time to time Valve has also released new types of games as part of its updates, the latest being King of the Hill, published an update of 13 August 2009. Valve has created a blog to keep players on the current developments in Team Fortress 2.

A new update called war came to 17 December 2009 for the Soldier and Demoman. Based on a supposed war between the soldier and Demoman classes fighting for new weapons, including a major review system inventory to forge weapons and hats. The day of the release revealed that the soldier had killed more Demoman, and warships, the secret element, was given to the soldier. They are boots that significantly reduce Damage caused by rocket jumping and occupy housing second weapon. This update also introduced a beta version of Team Fortress 2 Robots, AI systems based on the series Left 4 Dead and initially supported only by the King of the Hill game mode.

Development new content has been confirmed for Xbox 360, while development for the PlayStation 3 has been considered "safe" by Valve. However, PlayStation 3 version of Team Fortress 2 gets an update that corrects some of the themes in the game, problems of online video problems connectivity, this update includes a patch that fixes the problems are also found in other games of the Orange Box. The updates released on the PC and planned for release on Xbox 360 include the official maps and new game modes and adjustments to classes and the new weapons that can be unlocked the system outputs the game developers have tried to negotiate with the Xbox 360 development to keep Microsoft Xbox 360 releases these updates for free, but Microsoft refused and Valve have announced they will release several blocks updates and to justify the price.


Scout himself speaks the same entry in the "Meet the Team" series.

To promote the game, Valve has released a video ad titled ongoing series "Meet the team." Built with the game engine and models characters a bit more detail, the series consists of short videos on individual characters, showing their personality and tactics. The videos are often interspersed with clips of the character in combat in the game The first series, "Meet the Heavy" was released as part of the game advertising initial May 2007 and represents an interview with the gun obsessed with Russia. "Meet the Soldier" was released in August 2007 showing the soldier giving Sun Tzu conference in bad faith a collection of severed heads. The engineer was covered in public beta test the game in September 2007, giving reasoned debate Weapons of care by a truck full of stolen enemy intelligence, while attempting to cannons to kill the enemy to attack any playing the guitar a little fire. The Demoman has been first class to cover after the official release of the game in October 2007, an interview that he regrets the because he is a "black Scottish cyclops", and noted that, as such, is quite rare. Before launching the update Medic class in April 2008, "Meet the Scout 'has been published, where the Scout fight an enemy stronger by the possession of a sandwich while boasting incredible he believes it. In June 2008, "Meet the Sniper", was launched to promote major update for the Pyro class. In the video, talks about her sniper professional life as a murderer and argues with his father on the phone about his career choice. With the upgrade of heavy falls in August, 2008 Another video was released, this time adding "Sandvich" Health regeneration of the arsenal of heavy, with a strong battle with a soldier and a scout to get a sandwich in a cooler from the perspective of the refrigerator. The following video, "Meet the Spy" was a leak YouTube in May 2009 during the period of marketing for updates to both classes sniper and spy, and revolves around the invasion the basis of the BLU team for the Red spy. Development on the blog for Team Fortress 2, Robin Walker later joked that the leak was intentional. Valve has also held the weekend of free play for Team Fortress 2.

The "Meet the Team" videos are based on the scripts used to hear the voices of actors for each class, "Meet the Heavy" script is almost word for word copy of the script for the Heavy. latest videos such as "Meet The Sniper "contains more original material. The videos were used by Valve to help improve the technology for the game, namely improved facial animations, and a source of new gameplay elements, Heavy as "Sandvich" or sniper Jarat. "



Total scores




92% (Based 14 reviews)


92% (based on 16 reviews)






9 / 10






UK PC gamer



9 / 10


IGN Best of 2007 Awards:

Better Artistic Design

2007 Price Editorial:

Best multiplayer experience

Best Art Direction

GameSpy 2007 Game of the Year:

Multiplayer Game Year

Most of the unique art style

See also: The critical reception of The Orange Box

After his release, Team Fortress 2 has received universal critical acclaim, with an overall score of 92 percent in both Metacritic and GameRankings. Many respondents praised the approach of the cartoon graphics and gameplay is gay, and the use of different personalities and appearances for classes struck a number of reviews, PC Gamer United Kingdom stating that "so far the games have multiplayer not had. "Likewise, the game modes have been well received, describing the configuration GamePro Development" in which simple pleasure, "while several commentators welcomed the valve to the map "Hydro" and his attempts to create a game with medium varieties in each card. Additional praise was provided at the game design, game balance and promote teamwork. Team Fortress 2 has received several individual awards for multiplayer games and the graphic style, and received a series of "Game of the Year" as part of the Orange Box.

While Team Fortress 2 has been well received, Team Fortress 2 is the elimination of class-specific grenades, a feature of previous incarnations Team Fortress, has sparked controversy among the respondents. IGN has expressed some disappointment that, in contrast, PC Gamer UK stated that " Grenades have been removed entirely by God. "Some critics have seized a variety of topics, such as lack of additional content, such as robots (although the valve bots then added an update), the problems of players find their way in the cards because of the absence of a mini-map, and a slight criticism of the Medic class is too passive and repetitive nature. Medic class has been re-designed by Valve, which gives new unlockable weapons and abilities.


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