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top 100 great guitar players
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Hall of Fame collection of vintage guitars

Over the past two years, the guitar vintage market was a success here and there, but overall has been a good investment for most. Experts say when inflation is accelerating and the dollar shrinking collection of becoming a good place for your money.

One may wonder if a guitar may actually be a good investment. After all, to the untrained eye, most guitars are the same. However, the guitar can be very valuable to a collector. Guitars that have been held by celebrities, or that are rare or uncommon, can reach very high prices. If you're afraid to make a return on your money, do not. Vintage guitars have always been played more stable than the stock market. There are a number of reasons that collection of vintage guitars is an excellent strategy.

On the one hand, more tangible action or obligation. You get a room interesting to see, and are fun to collect, too. Guitars not lose value over time. In fact, quite the opposite – always vintage guitars delivering value as they grow, as long as you take the time to keep them in good condition. They are also instruments generally higher. If you are a musician and as an investor, you will enjoy superior action and tone of a real instrument period. Vintage guitars are most popular with collectors is probably the Gibson Les Paul.

A brief example: Lets say you had in 1959 $ 100.00 if you bury the $ 100.00 in a coffee can in your garden or on your bank account and let it sit there drawing one percent interest torque for low inflation take just $ 100.00 and if I had to take 50 years later, you'll see that only $ 100.00 you get a good dinner for two. However, if you took the same $ 100.00 and went to their local pawn shop in 1959 and took a 1959 Gibson Les Paul guitar and put it in the closet instead, you could come out your closet today and worth over six figures.

People are beginning to realize the amount of these instruments from the 50's 60's 70's and it really means to our culture.

There are very limited and seems to be still a high demand for these pieces of history who made a good choice for those who invested in these instruments, such as the Gibson Les Paul and Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster to the same period. (50, 60 and 70).

A good place to start collecting vintage guitars as an investment would focus its research on the collection of guitars in the list below. This list includes those who were induced Vintage Guitar Magazine Hall of Fame. There are, of course, other lists and other guitars worth the investment, but it is certainly a good place to start. Two great sites to start your search for these instruments are exquisite vintage guitars in Bob and the best guitar shop in

In the coming weeks I will be with each instrument in detail. This information will be useful in your search for vintage guitars give a good return on your investment.

Fender Stratocaster
Inducted in 1990
The VG Hall of Fame began in 1990 and had little doubt that the house would be one of the first instruments selected for inclusion by our readers. Three single-coil pickups, a tremolo (in general), and contour of large offset double cutaway. Some 50 years after its introduction, it remains one of the most popular models.

Gibson Standard Pau l (Burst)
Inducted in 1990
So easy selection of the first year, LP standard was introduced with a sunburst finish in 1958 and 58 models to'60 are the most valuable vintage guitars solid body. The Les Paul Standard is a classic, no matter how you finish the bear.

Martin D-28
Inducted in 1991
The first sound in the room VG, D-28 Martin launched the line of battleships incredibly big and strong in 1931. Most of the D-28 inspired many guitarists and manufacturers, and remains one of the most popular Martin.

Fender Telecaster
Inducted in 1991
Leo Fender Classic always as simple as an electric guitar can be, but he still has the magic to attract guitarists almost all styles of music. Each guitar is a Telecaster (or should). With the start and Les Paul, Tele is one of the most popular models.

Fender Precision Bass
Inducted in 1992
The low for the first time in the room VG, and why not just forever changed the way the bass is played. One of the most innovative ideas in the history of modern music.

Gibson ES-335
Inducted in 1992
Born at the time "or" Gibson is the semi-hollow body ES-335 archtop seems married to the performance of the solid body. If you have embedded points or blocks, remains one of the best designs guitardom.

D'Angelico New Yorker
Inducted in 1993
George Gruhn said of him in March 2000 Vintage Guitar, The New Yorker is important because of its excellent artistic quality and aesthetic, "and" one of the best guitars in history of the instrument. "

Gibson Super 400
Inducted in 1993
Introduced in 1934, with its 18 body functions and luxury, "Super 400 guitar was bigger and more expensive line of Gibson. His influence was soon evident in the design of many of the large archtop built by others. If the previous version not cut or reduce noise pickup double remains a true work of art.

Gibson L-5
Inducted in 1994
Introduced in 1922 and a design guided by the legendary Lloyd Loar, L-5 was the first modern archtop. Originally an acoustic uncut, L-5 has undergone numerous changes, ultimately becoming a cross with two humbuckers.

Fender Jazz Bass
Inducted in 1995
With two specially designed cushions, to the waist, and slimmer, narrower neck, Jazz Bass was designed to be more diverse hue, a descendant of game rolling accuracy. The fact that it was available in custom colors Fender (often corresponding with a shovel), it is cooler.

Gibson Flying V
Inducted in 1996
One of the most distinctive guitar designs ever created, but it was not successful when it launched in 1958. Rock and roll was discovered in the late 60s and V remains a unique statement today.

Gretsch 6120
Inducted in 1996
If you play rockabilly, it is better to have one of these! Chet Atkins Hollowbody presented as in '54, before the release of the 6120 "G" mark and the magnitude of the first versions of the West, but never lost the western end of Orange or accent cool.

Rickenbacker 360/12
Admitted 1997
It was good enough for George Harrison and gave us the "ringing" by Roger McGuinn. It is more than sufficient for the 360/12 to be the only 12 string guitar vintage Hall of Fame.

Martin D-45
Inducted in 1998
Originally, The most luxurious of the innovative range of Martin Dreadnought. If it was one of 96 produced in the 1930s and early '40s, his active net would be much higher than now.

Gibson ES-150
Inducted in 1999
Gibson first electric guitar in Spain was also was the first quality electric to hit the market. Favoured by Charlie Christian, Gibson hosted the first truck, which is always in high demand and considered a classic.

Fender Jazzmaster
Inducted in 2002
Designed and marketed by Lion cut in the market for jazz Gibson, who has supplanted the start up line of Fender in 1958. And while their sound remains the capture Jazzers, garage bands of the day surfing ate. One of the most copied body solid models of all time.

Gibson SJ-200
Inducted in 2002
A reference point between sound support, the SJ-200 was designed for the cowboy guitarist Ray Whitley, and any cowboy who played a self-respecting. His popularity has led to more than others genera, and never lost. Since its gigantic size, body sunburst finish his drummer ultra-luxury, bridge and head, was considered the top consumed dish. Emmylou Ask!

The 1954-'56 Gibson Les Paul Custom
Installed in 2003
Can you say "Black Beauty?" Well Gibson did not name, Les Paul was chosen black as the secondary color of the guitar that bears his nickname. Gibson, however, I used experiment with a configuration of three pills and enter your startup famous Alnico magnet.

PRS Custom
Inducted in 2004
The first production tool for a company that became the guitar in the modern history of success through excellence.

Gretsch White Falcon
Admitted in 2004
Like many great guitar, it has evolved through several versions. But it was a classic from day one, while in aesthetics and quite unique.

Tri-cone National Series
Installed in 2005
Keep warm tone comes from three aluminum "Resonators" designed to help guitarists stand out in the big band or orchestral settings. But shortly after being put in place were taken by national actors and Hawiian blue. Today, the Tri-Cone produces what many consider the ultimate height of acoustic blues.

Gibson ES-5
Inducted in 2006
One of the first guitars built after Ted McCarty took over Gibson, who helped to consolidate the company's position as a preeminent manufacturer of electric archtop world. Today, its variant in the late 50s with humbuckers PAF three and tone control Switchmaster is one of the most collectible of its ilk.

Fender Jaguar
Inducted in 2006
Jump over High Speed Rail Fender in 1962, helped the company stay on top throughout the decade, with its drain tube vibrato luxury electronics sophisticated, and (usually) a funky custom color. If you have played instrumental rock at a time, or those who were or could have been ignored!

Gibson J-45
Inducted in 2007
"Dreadnought" Martin flat above were important and dominated the market Guitar 1930. In the '40s, Gibson knew he needed a great level of competition, and J-45 ("J" Jumbo " 45 "indicating the price in dollars), it was. A 16 'back and shoulders higher plane, even in difficult moments of its release, received a warm welcome and has since remained one of – if not the – most popular Gibson guitars.

Gibson Les Paul (Goldtop)
Inducted in 2008
Les Paul has tried for years to convince Gibson that she needed a solid line. Finally, Ted McCarty brought a guitar just cutting experience I for approval. Despite its origianl bridge / tailpiece was far from perfect, the instrument has been used for testing Gibson in the '50s. Finally, he reached the summit between guitars and now ranks among the top collectibles.

Gibson SG Standard
Inducted in 2009
In 1960, the decline in sales of the Gibson Les Paul was seeking to reform the guitar. Thus, the company has created a concept radically Again, much thinner (and lighter!) The Council intended to compete better with the Fender Stratocaster. But things that were the heart and soul – Particularly its humbucking pickups – continued. Today, the first version of the year 60 is a true classic.

top 100 great guitar players