Play Guitar Through Your Computer

play guitar through your computer
How to play Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce on violin and acoustic guitar

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Guitar multi-effects pedal for "rectifier" sound?

I get the sound of many groups get post hardcore. The two I am trying to imitate Senses Fail are most and Chiodos. What mlulti stomp could buy to do this? Is GNX3 Digitech or Boss GT-8 to what? I like the fact that the GNX3 is set to record on the computer. Your help is appreciated thanks. This is played by a RocPro1000 Fender. It This is a 100W RMS solid state amp with a tube unit. (1×12)

Yes, GNX3 Digitech is what I use and it awesome. I like to use the sound of the rectifier, as did a song called the rectifier. Yes, and comes with software that helps a lot. It would be great noise with your installation / amplifier.–i-DOD-GNX3.html

play guitar through your computer

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