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play guitar praise online
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In Praise and worship band that just plays the guitar?

I'll play in the church worship band and I are going to play contemporary Christian songs, stuff like Hillsong. I am originally a jazz guitarist, I'm not sure what to do on Sunday. Does anyone know what type of blade, I play? All you have to find on youtube? All articles online that explain it? Or someone with experience? Any help is greatly appreciated. God bless you!

Contemporary Christian music is surprising, then, contemporary! This is what really makes a sound like pop and modern rock. Gospel music has more in common with the old country that is dominated by the main rule I-IV-V progressions and pentatonic scales largely used the largest and most important. Contemporary Gospel and Christian are still using the standard I-IV-V, but are often minor harmonies and scales used and even distorted rock rhythms. Look for a copy of songs to be presented just to see if there is any surprise, but I feel that his jazz band to be able to "sit" no problems!

play guitar praise online