Rolling Stones Top 100 Guitar Players List

rolling stones top 100 guitar players list
Stevie Ray Vaughan Chitlins con Carne Blues Improv by Joey Vaughan “World Blues Attack”

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Which makes use of the base of the Rolling Stone list above?

I read the 100 best guitar players and I was on Track terrible fear of what it was. Kurt Cobain was the leader. WHY? Do not even mention Steve Vai on it. It is my favorite and I think I could exceed half of these people. I do not think Hendrix should even be in the top 5. I want to know what information is used to base their lists. I thought it was reader surveys. Anyone know?

I do not know, but I agree 100%. As Best Picture Oscar is all about who knows WHO and money involved .. The magazine says the list is compiled by "The Editors" and God knows what they are or were. Go figure? With love, Juju

rolling stones top 100 guitar players list

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