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play guitar in minutes
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Why the pressure point on the hand hurts when I play the guitar?

Every time I crossed a few minutes, my pain in the pressure point between your thumb and forefinger. The pain only lasts a few minutes. Once I start, the pain reappears. I guess I'm not restricted law. Does anyone have an idea about this? Any help would be very helpful. Thank you.

Have you played time? Just maybe you're not used to playing with everything and the muscles of the hand is not properly conditioned. In addition, once they have played consistently for a number of weeks you find that your technique becomes more efficient and not having to push too hard, which also helps. Before playing HOT! I know that guitarists who have been damaged by not warming up. There may be players who play regularly to keep warm before developing tendinitis, This can seriously affect your play my old guitar teacher had this problem and had to relearn how to play left handed! So do yourself a favor and play certain scales, finger exercises and some sequences Easily agreement before getting stuck in a time of grave. Your fingers will thank you. I ease off the game for a week – maybe even make a total break a few days to allow the hand to recover. Then start slowly. And Remember that hot!

play guitar in minutes