Les Paul Guitar Playstation 3

les paul guitar playstation 3
Guitar Hero 3 Les Paul LED mod PS3

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When will the guitar hero 3 les paul work with rockband? or does it now (as of Febuary 13th, 2008) ON PS3?

Some sources say it does but a patch will come out to not let the gh3 guitar work on rockband? everything is out dated and from December
im so confused

REMEMBER I SAID PLAYSTATION 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has nothing to do with PS3 being crap, it has to do with a little family feud. The designers of rock band originally developed guitar hero. Now that they have gone off on their own, Activision want them to pay to let them use the patch they have already developed to allow the GH3 guitar to work. Activision feels they are entitled to compensation to allow Rock Band to be compatible with their peripheral. I think this is quite petty, and Activision is going to be the big looser in the long run, because the wireless guitar is going to be available separately for rock band in April. I for one will refuse to buy GH3 for that very reason. There is a guitar available that will work on both (an aftermarket) by Nyko. Hope this answers your question.

les paul guitar playstation 3

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