Play Guitar Hero On Pc Download

play guitar hero on pc download
Guitar Hero Aerosmith PC Download

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Does anyone know of a game that is like the guitar hero2 for the PC to download and u can import the songs?

plz say I want to play a game like guitar hero on the PC and I want to import my own songs, so anyone can tell me what games thnx name or website.

In fact, a couple, not as clear as the Guitar Hero series. It Guitar Zero (hmm, I wonder where they came up with that name) .. Related … It Frets on Fire for the first time in the PC, Guitar Hero 3. So there you go, there are some versions that are playable on the PC. Now if you do not a guitar that can look through the articles these stories to see what works on the PC. I know my guitar for Playstation 2 connected to a USB port on the PS2 worked on my home PC when I tried it, but if Guitar 360 is USB and can be a minor problem.

play guitar hero on pc download

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