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Need help craft guitar solos!?

Hello I'm in a band that plays many different genres, but the point. whenever you improvise or play a solo, it seems so wide blues because I never use the penatonic is a minor one, because I do not know what other sounds to be alone …….. Does anyone have suggestions on what I could use scales and among other things! Thank you very much for your time

OK – my ideas about themselves: 1. Start well in your skills and build to a climax. 2. According to the tone of the music, modal scales are good. If you go to a piano and play all the white keys of one octave, you get the grid normal modal – if you start in: C – is the Ionian mode (or more) D – E Dorian – E Phrygian – fight against the G – Mixolydian A – Aeolian (or natural minor) B – Lacri Mixolydian is particularly good for primary keys, but is the seventh flat making it easy to make a pass down the Ionian Sea. Dorian is good for minor keys. 3. Do what the harmonica players do – play third or fifth place – if the music is in C, E or the game G. 4. Use non-harmonic notes of passages (footnotes that are not on the scale) over the approach the climax of the solo part. 5. Try to make the color. 6. The guitarist? Try a single agreement, as the following examples: Robert Fripp in King Crimson, "Sailor's Tale "by Roland Olazabel Tears for Fears," Everybody to dominate the world ", Lol Creme Art of Noise," Born on Sunday. 7. Sometimes, you just going crazy and see what happens.

play guitar craft