How To Play Guitar Through Computer Speakers

how to play guitar through computer speakers
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Recording music with ACID Pro 6 and Digitech RP500 …?

I have problems playing a record on my RP500. So as I have everything set up. I have my guitar on the RP500, RP500 connected to the computer via USB. I have the speakers connected to the rear the RP500. I have the acid so that the RP500 is a USB input / output as a recording device. When you turn around and play, the sound is coming speakers very well, and recording acid showed perfect small waves and everything, so I know it's recording. However, when I play again, I hear nothing. As I see that the sound plays through the RP500 and computer speakers on the outside, but does not work for some reason … Any suggestions are greatly appreciated and I will try them all. Thank you.

I think try the following: RP500 Guitar L and R 1 / 4 "output of RP500 in 2 -1 / 4 "to 1 / 8" stereo mini jack adapter – online> sound card. speakers are connected to the soundcard output. (If you're on top of normal computer speakers) This is basically like my recording system is connected, except that I'm using a blender instead of a RP500, a separate amplifier for my speakers are not, and Adobe Audition instead of Acid Pro 6, which works very well. Your problem could have speakers connected to the RP500 instead of the sound card. I'm not all that familiar with the RP500 and connections This uses a USB port, so my advice with a grain of salt. Anyway, good luck.

how to play guitar through computer speakers