Play Guitar Absolute Beginners

play guitar absolute beginners
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Whenever you play chords on the guitar, especially the D line, which seems cut?!

I am an absolute beginner and havent had lessons But I pull the strings all the way, and I have the correct fingering and more! the thuds of the chains that pushes me down … What I'm doing wrong?

This is a problem for beginners …. we've all been there, so do not be discouraged. This is probably a combination of technique and lack of calluses, but also include the possibility that his guitar. If you purchased a very low cost "Junior" guitar, strings may be too high. If possible, have an experienced player looking into it. In most guitars, adjustments can be made it easier to play. In terms of technique, there are several reasons for muted strings. You can not push hard enough, maybe push too close to the hoop, or can be brushed his finger. Try this: Build a D chord and pluck the strings at once. When it comes to the first is silenced, focus only on this channel. If you remove all the fingers of the way, does it still sound muted? If yes, then they are not pressing enough Box, or the finger is too close to the hoop. As you play more, your fingers will become increasingly easy to hit with force. It is also possible that other fingers the string is muted. Try to attack each channel at an angle of 90 °, ideally in the center of the space between the frets. Proceed to each chain of silence and try to determine the cause. It is almost certain that one or more of the reasons I mentioned. Work on each rope separately until you get a cleaner sound. Once you've discovered causes, we can work on correcting … and that takes practice.

play guitar absolute beginners