Guitar Learning Books For Kids

guitar learning books for kids
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The best guitar books for beginners (labels)?

I was teaching him a book out of two series is really more directed towards children. It helped, but I did both and can not find another book as simple as that. I can not read music, only labels, and I'm still learning little things like the hammer / off, etc. Any good book for my skill level? I also ask … learn to read Music helps me at all, or can usually get by with tabs?

Try the first book of the Blues series that can be used. You can choose for $ 20 plus shipping shipping. It comes with a CD to help you read the labels and music theory. It is fairly easy and each lesson is a bit more depth. Lessons build all very well. In addition to the blues is the foundation of all American music so it's a good starting point if you want to go that route.

guitar learning books for kids