Should I Play Guitar Or Drums

should i play guitar or drums
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Should I learn to play guitar or drums?

Well, I've never had any experience with them. I also moved as $ 300. and the easiest to learn.

You can find good electric and acoustic guitars, both for less than $ 300, possibly battery kits too (try eBay, a sort of low-high). I am a guitarist, but I know that the battery and can say both are fairly easy to learn, only takes time and practice like most things in life. Also, if you want to play different types of music jazz, classic rock guitar Spanish would be desirable, but if we want to say he wanted to be in a band and play an instrument well, you will most likely find a position if a drummer, because he there are many different styles and guitarist with various levels of experience, and not so very similar to the batsmen. Personally, I can not really make much of an option for you since I'm not sure what breed you'd like to meet one of these instruments, but I hope that my information was helpful. Feel free to contact me if you need help, even if they are not related to music, I promise you I will not bite. : D

should i play guitar or drums