Learn To Play The Acoustic Guitar

learn to play the acoustic guitar
Learn How To Play Super Easy Beginner Songs on Acoustic Guitar – Stand By Me

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What is the best way to learn to play acoustic guitar?

Two years ago a friend of mine taught me to play the anthem national in their guitar, I wanted myself since, but never did. What would you recommend as a "kit" and how I can learn?

First – whatever your guitarist friends say – go get a teacher! not just someone who plays guitar well, but a real guitar teacher done in life. There is a difference between being able to do something and be able to teach PROPERLY essential for a beginner. Believe me – me learned with the help of some pro players (I'm the keyboardist in a rock band.) I fought with him and eventually he had good enough for fun and profit of her, but later discovered he had picked up some habits really horrible that no one had told me before, and it would be difficult to beat … almost like it again. For example, my thumb sticks out, instead of being behind the neck appropriate leverage. If you try to position, nothing feels well and I can not do squats. This bad habit is only part of what I've done too much for too long. It's like people who taught herself piano, and sometimes it sounds pretty good … but if you have never been used and did not correct fingering pierced their right to the front, they are still very limited in how far they can go. A very competent instructor can also give tips on selecting his first guitar great, you really need "adjustment" so you can maximize your hard work. No need to spend a fortune on a principle – in fact, it's probably silly to some experience under his belt – but it is important to get something that fits your fingers and hands, not something that looks very clean, or is a brand all his friends. Because Do not do, I'm still only a pianist who can play a little guitar – I'll never be a real guitar player.

learn to play the acoustic guitar

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