Learn To Play Guitar Techniques

learn to play guitar techniques
How to Play Heavy Metal Guitar : Shredding Techniques in Metal Guitar

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I decided to learn to play guitar. Has anyone from good advice?

Well, I bought electric guitar amplifier and now I'm ready to play. I have about 130,000 files on my computer and I started trying to play some of them (and for 2 days, so I'm not a guitar hero "), but I have no experience, so I would get some tips (eg what to do and what not to do, learn, techniques, etc.). Anyone have?

The classes are a good idea you'll learn faster and move faster. Private lessons are best, but can be expensive. A great way to learn the lessons of the least takes a class at your community college or adult school, which are aimed at beginners, and sometimes for free. If you want to go on the road to self-taught Justin The guitar is a good site for free lessons. It has text and video lessons for all levels. Here http://www.justinguitar.com/en/BC-001-ChordsPicksBeginners.php help, only after learning some basics such as chords, scales and music theory. Do not teach any of these things. Know scales and chords, your relationship and how to use not only allows you to learn the tabs and music faster, but you can improvise and build on what you learned.

learn to play guitar techniques

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