Female Guitar Players Are The New Black

female guitar players are the new black
Rocking Gender: Stereotype and Subversion Among Female Pop Musicians

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please help with some characters?

I write a story and need your help with a few character names. person # 1 – A man. he is a football player in high school with long blond hair and very blue eyes. hes very tanned. Hes 6ft3 and very muscular football. This is a violent boyfriend. He is very arrogant and is a player. person # 2 to 1 woman. # 1 is her violent boyfriend. is a clear popular girl who is secretly depressed and falling apart. his curly hair long blonde eyes pretty fair skin and blue. which is 5 feet 5. eventually falls in love with a boy boy # 3 # 3 – new boy with girl 2. has black hair, brown skin, brown eyes and 6 feet 5. which is well muscled. but not as muscular as a kid. sport, but it is also an artist and musician. plays guitar. it is a gentle man, but it's pretty quiet. He had a past love who broke his heart and do not even want another girlfriend until he met a girl 2. his father murdered his mother in the past. and he is afraid of falling in love.

It should be named Zack. # 2 would be a perfect Samantha. And # 3 I think Caleb.

female guitar players are the new black