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See Scott Pilgrim vs. the online world YouTube

Dear Scott Pilgrim vs. the world, I think we should break. Not you, that's me. I agree when we met I had never read the graphic novel by Bryan Lee O'Malley on which it is based, but did not stop me enjoy films like this was ill-equipped to do. I think you're cool. Seriously. You did everything correctly. But I am told by those who you love it at its base, it is the heart and love, and if a film on the heart and the love that left me cold, how can he be anything but a failure? At the very least to a certain level. At least for me.

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His argument is, no doubt … unique. Scott (Michael Cera) is your ordinary, Toronto twenties geek plays bass in a garage band, nurses a broken heart has been given by a former (Brie Larson) who became a rock star and went behind him, is facing a younger sister (Anna Kendrick) capacity (Plato) in the same bed with his gay roommate (Kieran Culkin), and in love with tights school (Ellen Wong). That is until he meets the girl of his dreams (literally), Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), a punk princess who becomes totally and completely obsessed.

Only there is a problem. To win his heart, he will have to fight each of his "seven exes evil" in a fight to the death (including Brandon Routh, Chris Evans and Jason Schwartzman). Why is it in? I know, I know, stop asking stupid questions. Most of its running time is spent watching Scott repeatedly against the ex-boyfriends of Ramona, uh, exes (there is a small ex- friend, it was a "phase") in the martial arts fighting fists fist apocalyptic held while arcade fighting and develop with all the sounds of video games and visual effects we expect.

I must admit, at first I wanted to scream screen, "Hello, Michael Cera, Michael Cera stop playing!" But then I realized, while still a slacker, shy, kind of contemporary masculinity John Wayne would blow into his own brain, it was different, because, as he is our hero who is unhappy, cowardly, selfish and generally unworthy of our love or Ramona. But then I'm spoiling the character arc I not? I'll give you that, I never thought I'd see Michael Cera as a convincing action hero, but he came close.

You are the first truly hybrid feature-hand video games, is in the comics, but it makes a better movie? Here's the problem, you can not stay still for a second (I know I sound old?)! I think you're too schizophrenic for its own sake, change constantly interrupting the narrative of the riots that contains all kinds of tricks attention deficit disorder including whiplash editions, pans and towels, split screens manga, acceleration riffs and slow motion kung fu, guitar, singing splitting eardrum (that's old, not me?), cartoon sounds coming illustrate their own words as "riiiing" "Coup" and "woosh," and all other means of CGI extravaganza.

At one level purely visceral aesthetics is fast and can not be denied, creative and stop penetration of view. But you are the natural result of a hyper-caffeinated, multitasking sensitivity of juvenile pop culture that the British director, producer and co-writer Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz), is obviously much good. Of course, you're probably the best commentary on how the 21st century teenagers interact with their environment (and it certainly something very valuable in this sense), but it is a worldview soggy medium I think he wanted to spend time with, as an extension logic of our modern entertainment as could be. (Although I admit, I liked the visual metaphor of how we all cope with the romance of new love with the past.)

You are very pretty to watch, but the emotional issues do not seem very high. Are not sufficiently basic rules of his universe to give a feeling of anxiety or theater. Let's face it meaning, and not much worse, I think you're right with that. A better work as a cabinet of curiosities in a story particularly compelling. And after awhile, his genius bang quick comic book and video referentiality cool game loses its attraction and more like a parade of boring stuff.

Well Naturally, fanboys will love. But no one will do?

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